Guidance of Leadership Teams

In times of high workload, time pressure and other challenges, companies and projects often face difficult situations – especially when success is essential. Rarely is it about the subject matter itself than much more about conflicts in the interpersonal area.

Because of my broad field competence as an employee in various industries and my sensitivity for people, I recognize the difference and can see what slows down or even prevents progress. With this clarity gained, I enable the team to transform and realign.

I guide the teams through methods for increasing well-being, performance and creativity.

In this way I create a space in which a harmonious and powerful cooperation is possible, which gives the team access to new solutions and in which completely new levels of performance can be achieved. A space that is focused on mutual success, which resonates with each individual member of the team.

Accompanying individual team members can be a sensible complement in this process.

Possible topics

  • Interpretation and resolution of conflicts
  • Expansion of creativity for more ease in the creative process
  • Increasing the energy level for increased performance
  • New competence in dealing with performance pressure and stress


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