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In a Leader’s Mind

The Leader’s 6 mental faculties

A Leader regularly reminds who they are and what is important NOW. Likewise, they think again and again about what they originally stood up for, what they have committed temselves to. From this energy, they make their decisions. And they do all of this until those memories are deeply embedded in their subconscious and become their new reality.

A Leader always reflects on their attitude – their thoughts, their emotions and their actions. If the results don’t live up to their aspirations, they do not get discouraged; instead, they think about where they want to develop and act accordingly.

A Leader is inquisitive, willing to learn and always open to exchange with others. They are willing to reassess and change their perspective when appropriate.

A Leader is always concerned with the vision that they have set out to manifest. In their mind’s eye they create images of it and are able to convey these images to others.

A Leader always retains control over their thoughts, feelings and actions and do not let themselves be deterred by the outside world. They have the indispensable will to make their vision a reality. In return, they have a strong focus, which they direct towards their goal at all times.

A Leader has a strong intuition. They feel themselves and thus receive impulses from their inner guidance, which shows them their way. They have exceptional empathy towards their fellow human beings and sense what kind of guidance they need at the moment. All of this supports them in fulfilling their responsibility as a leader.

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