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The whole World is in Upheaval and you’re still trying to do Business as usual?!

Methods from the spiritual realm are becoming increasingly important. They will soon be state of the art. And those companies will stand out from the competition that are up to date and get involved at this level.

The old paradigm has had its day – also in corporate business. We can all feel that. We can no longer simply carry on as before. For too long we have closed our eyes to the downsides of our leadership culture.

Noticeable in increasing employee turnover, mass layoffs and shortage of specialists, as well as in a lack of new talent. Noticeable in competitive thinking and power struggles.

Noticeable in health-related absences and general mood. Noticeable in situations in relevant project, work and leadership contexts that are at the limit due to different phenomena.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

The solution

“Meet the Spirit” – Wisdom Rooms for Wise Leadership.

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