Guided Meditation for your Well-being

Sometimes life becomes overwhelming. We may feel isolated, stressed or anxious. We may feel like we are not able to give our best at work. We may find it hard to focus as we become so distracted by what worries us.

What has helped me along my journey has been when I went to someone in my life who I could open up to and seek for help, who would give me a new perspective and hope through a new path that suddenly became visible which I didn’t see and probably never would have seen if I just kept everything by myself.

It became so obvious to me over time that it’s the stories we tell ourselves about a situation and the perception of it which determines our well-being. Talking to someone helped me creating that shift of my perspective.

And who would stop you if you just decided to tell yourself a different and positive story today than you used to tell yourself yesterday?!

Another strategy that I have is to take on the perspective of the observer of my life rather than getting totally lost in my own thoughts and emotions.

This allows me to focus on the positive side of situations and see the learning that they hold in store for me. It also lets life almost appear like a game and lets me enjoy the ups and downs like you would if you sat in the roller coaster of a theme park!

By accepting what is instead of expecting the worst outcome I open myself up to possibilities and what could be, which is what I truly wish and hope for.

Now what happens when you talk to someone…

Have you noticed the best conversations are those where people just listen or maybe ask some thought provoking questions?

I believe this is because it allows you to get in touch with your SELF, that instance within you which has the best solution that is deeply aligned with your heart’s desire

I have made great experiences by reaching out to people in my life who would listen to me with my best interest at heart. They created that space which allowed me to reflect and basically start a conversation with my SELF.

And then there have been other people in my life who inspired me as they shared their thoughts and their stories with me.

After all, I don’t believe the solution for dealing with life is to look on the outside but instead to look on the inside. But having people in your life who create that space, who maybe even ask the right questions, or who have the ability to inspire you, can all be great ways to get access to your inner SELF. And so is meditation!

So for the following guided meditation session I want to invite you to pick a current situation in your life which affects your well-being.

And I’ll guide you through the process with my voice as you will be working with that situation in your mind.

I’ll start with a short relaxation exercise so you can be present in the moment and really focus. And from there we’ll continue…

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