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The Hidden Wisdom

This morning I came across this very inspiring story about wisdom.

Long ago the gods considered that it would be very bad if humans found the wisdom of the universe before they were actually mature enough to do so.

So the gods decided to hide the wisdom of the universe in a place where humans would only find it when they were mature enough.

One of the gods suggested hiding wisdom on the highest mountain on earth. But they quickly realized that man would soon climb all mountains and that wisdom would not be safely hidden at the top of the mountain.

Then another suggested hiding wisdom at the deepest part of the sea. But there, too, the gods believed there was a danger that people would find wisdom too soon.

Then the wisest of gods spoke up:

“Let us hide the wisdom of the universe within man himself. He will only look for it there once he is mature enough. And that’s what he is when he finds his way inside.”

The other gods were enthusiastic about this suggestion and so they hid the wisdom of the universe in man himself.

Persian Story, (Google Translate version)

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