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Do you still think?!

Do you still think?! Or are you already receiving?

The whole world is in turmoil. We observe division all around us – it doesn’t stop at corporations either. And we’re still trying to solve problems at the level they were created.

We carry all the wisdom we seek deep within us. We just have to learn again to receive and use it from the deeper regions of our brain, instead of trying to force something out of the mind. How does that sound to you?

Power struggles have had their day. What we need now is fertile soil for a new togetherness, a “we”-culture in which we position ourselves as a powerful unit and bundle our talents and skills.

We need sustainable, wise decisions that take into account the well-being of all and we need profound answers to essential questions that are driving us insane at this time.

Instead, we still do strategy meetings using ancient methods. It has to be quick, “something” has to be produced, a lot of PowerPoint and many words are wasted, and important decisions are being made out of the maximally stressed everyday consciousness.

But the more substantial it becomes, the less (!) but more essential words are decisive and relevant, and the more inner centering and depth it takes.

Do we really just want to carry on as before? Or is it time to meet the challenges of our new age with new methods and thus at eye level?

FOR a world in which we celebrate our meeting culture and receive wise decisions and answers with ease and for the highest good of all.


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