Vision: From the World of Work to Co-Creation

Imagine doing a job that you do for a living and it feels like play. You know the rules and you know how to navigate the playing field in order to reach your goal with ease. And the best part – you are not alone.

You and your team share a clear intention, a clear image that comes to your mind’s eye as you visualize the goal you want to achieve. And through co-creation you manifest this target image – bring it into reality.

You are a strong team. Your relationship with one another is characterized by deep trust and you can rely on each other. The team grows in a safe environment in which it can try things out. Mistakes are seen for what they are – valuable experiences.

Each member of the team is respected and valued by the others for his or her very individual strengths and skills and knowledge.

When the team comes together, a space is created that is characterized by creativity and lightness. You pull in one direction. You can feel very intuitively what the next step is. You are full of ideas. And together you achieve such a high energy level through the constructive and focused cooperation that you meet every challenge with a thirst for adventure and with joyful expectation.

In order to maintain this energy level you use different methods and techniques – in the group as well as individually. In your work environment there are appropriate rooms that allow you to relax, focus or contemplate.

The atmosphere in the team is easy and relaxed. You feel real joy when you work together because you know your potential as a group and you know that what you create is meaningful and a valuable contribution to the world. The cooperation is so effective and intensive that you can end the working day after just a few hours.

You celebrate your team for small and large successes. And there are many of them! At the end of the working day, you can hardly break loose because you are so motivated and energetic. You go home, where you have enough time to devote your full attention to your family, your friends and your other areas of life.

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