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IL² Update June 2022 – Your inner Leader in Receiving Mode

Wish for everything, expect nothing and be richly gifted.

Short review

Earlier this year, I published a blog post titled “Ignite your inner Leader, ignite your Life” (or IL² for short), in which I asked what story we want to tell ourselves by the end of 2022.

Here’s the promised

IL² Update June 2022 – Your inner Leader in Receiving Mode

Your thoughts are with your version 2.0. You are seeing yourself, you are seeing yourself in your new environment… And then you are beginning to feel yourself. You are feeling what your version 2.0 feels. And in this very moment – RIGHT NOW – you already ARE it.

Stay in this feeling as long as you can, and longer and longer. And then – open yourself up to the possibilities and perceive. One of my mentors called this state “serendipity”. From this state you will soon recognize opportunities in the outside world that are opening up to you. You will encounter happy coincidences, unexpected encounters. You pull them into your field seemingly at random. It’s almost like magic. And meanwhile you realize more and more: Life is FOR you. And it always has been.

A feeling of lightness is setting in. There is this spark of knowing that you can actually live yourself and your vision. That you can do what you love and what gives you energy – every day anew. And that spark is just the beginning…

Ignite your inner Leader, ignite your Life

End of June 2022: Open yourself to the possibilities and receive the unexpected!

Ignite your inner Leader, ignite your Life.


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