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IL² Update January 2022 – Nourish your inner Leader

Earlier this year, I published a blog post titled “Ignite your inner Leader, ignite your Life” (or IL² for short from now on), in which I asked what story we want to tell ourselves by the end of 2022.

So I decided back then to make 2022 my most exciting and adventurous year to date and not only to embrace the uncertainty of the unknown, but to invite it to support me in this project.

Here’s the promised

IL² Update January 2022 – Nourish your inner Leader

If you want to embark on an adventure, you should be well prepared – nutrition, water balance, exercise, grounding yourself in nature, and very important: breathing!

“Movement follows the breath.”

Adriene Mischler

Breath is an important prerequisite for movement, for experience, for adventure.

If you want to find adventure, you also have to be mindful and sharpen your senses (serendipity!). Only those who are “empty” can receive.

So you need a clear alignment of your own spirit, full focus on what is in front of you, on what is really essential – no space for unimportant irrelevances or confused mind chatter.

“Focus brings stability.”

Adriene Mischler

At this point we can activate the archetype of the “inner (peaceful) warrior” that lives in all of us, which helps us to protect ourselves from disturbing, external influences and gives us strength to clear the way for our project, for our journey.

A daily routine helps to balance possible chaos and impassabilities, to center ourselves and to create a strong basis – one’s own “solid rock”, which we can always turn to when things get wild.

And here, too, breath plays an important role.

“My breath is my anchor. My anchor is my breath.”

Adriene Mischler

A little side note: Did you know that our breath can sound like the sound of the ocean? The breathing technique is used in Yoga and is called “Ujjayi” or affectionately “Darth Vader” breathing. So we always have the relaxed sound of the ocean with us when we want it;-). If you would like to try the breathing technique, you will find a link at the end of this blog post.

Ultimately, it is your inner attitude that determines success or failure. Music is a very powerful tool to support and strengthen the desired inner attitude. And just lifting the corners of your mouth triggers the release of endorphins.

End of January 2022: The canvas for this year wants to be filled, the energy stores of the inner Leader are filled already – ready to go!

Ignite your inner leader, ignite your life.


Link to video “Ujjayi Breathing | Yoga with Adriene”: click.

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