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Are OKRs “good” or “evil”?

Are OKRs “good” or “evil”? The discussions around OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are controversial.

In my opinion, however, this is the wrong question in the first place. And it is about much more than just the topic of OKRs.

It’s not the Internet or any other tool, method or technology we use in business that is “good” or “evil”.

These are always neutral.

It is each individual’s attitude with which these things – and really everything else – are created, conveyed and used that makes all the difference.

Certain times have their paradigm from which different things emerge. But paradigms grow old and then it’s time to review and change them.

Consequently, all discussions about the pros and cons keep throwing us back on ourselves and are calling on us to examine our own inner attitude, our paradigms and thus our belief systems.

Which tools, methods or technologies do you create, convey and use in your business? Are the inner attitude and the paradigm behind it still appropriate at the present time? Or is it maybe time for a shift?

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