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A different Perspective on Performance

How do we measure “good” performance today?

Can you relate?

One quickly throws something into the room just for something to be said, to bridge that awkward silence? Every question – if it could be formulated to the end at all – is followed directly by an answer? The contributions overflow without the contribution of the individual being really heard and appreciated? Lots of empty words, but little substance?

One tell themselves how “busy” one was again and how stressful everything has become, even if many of these actions were perhaps rather aimless or one didn’t take a break again? Anything to combat the guilty conscience of not having done enough and to appear particularly busy or industrious to the outside world?

The fuller the appointment calendar, the more important the colleague or the supervisor seem? But actually, most meetings are just a waste of time anyway?

Actually crazy when you think about this matrix that we have created in companies over the last few years.

How about if we looked at the topic of “performance” from a completely different perspective?

One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

What about the value of the unsaid? The famous messages “between the lines”? Are we able to perceive this?

What about the feeling that a colleague gives us when we meet him or her? Can we feel how we feel about it?

What about the inner attitude that a colleague shows towards the team or towards a project? Are we aware of the contribution she or he is making?

How much value do we place on open (perhaps even uncomfortable) feedback? Do we recognize the courage and genuine concern behind it?

Do we know what it means to consciously step out of a given situation and adopt a (perhaps seemingly passive) observer’s perspective? Do we recognize the value in it?

If not, find the colleagues who might otherwise seem rather reserved to you and be curious about the hidden potential that unfolds in a mutual exchange and that has the ability to raise your team to a whole new level of performance.

Discover the wisdom of silence. Quiet is the new loud.



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