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IL² Update July 2022 – Your inner Leader in Action

Know thyself.

Short review

Earlier this year, I published a blog post titled “Ignite your inner Leader, ignite your Life” (or IL² for short), in which I asked what story we want to tell ourselves by the end of 2022.

Here’s the promised

IL² Update July 2022 – Your inner Leader in Action

Mentally arrived in your true being, your version 2.0, out of a new awareness, you suddenly encounter unexpected opportunities, chances and supposed coincidences.

With all your skills and knowledge gathered over the years, it’s time to get into action. Seize opportunities with the clarity you gain in embodiment of your 2.0 version.

This will require you to get out of your comfort zone. But only then can we provoke a different reaction on the outside and create new results.

“All theory, dear friend, is grey […].”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in Faust I

Experiences and resulting realizations are always physical, i.e. they arise with action. Experience yourself in your version 2.0. Recognize who you are. And stay confident that everything you need to do this is already within you.

Ignite your inner Leader, ignite your Life

End of July 2022: Know thyself. What is the next experience that you would like to make in real life?

Ignite your inner leader, ignite your life.


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