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IL² Update November 2022 – Your inner Leader ignited

From follower to leader.

Short review

Earlier this year, I published a blog post titled “Ignite your inner Leader, ignite your Life” (or IL² for short), in which I asked what story we want to tell ourselves by the end of 2022.

Here’s the promised

IL² Update November 2022 – Your inner Leader ignited

You gathered all your courage and shed everything that could have held back your potential. You dared to take the step to freedom!

You take full responsibility for yourself and your actions. You love what you do. And now you feel your inner spark igniting. An irrepressible feeling of happiness spreads through you.

You go into your true greatness, your vision very clearly in front of your inner eye. You have developed your inner Leader – layer by layer – you know yourself, you know about your creative abilities and your capacity to create everything in life that you desire.

You go ahead, carried by your inner attitude, by your good feeling and by your vision. You understand that you are a leader because you inspire people to think highly about themselves, to feel good about themselves – and because there are people who WANT to follow you, because they share your vision, because you move forward with courage and because your inner glow acts like a magnet on your environment. From follower to leader.

Ignite your inner Leader, ignite your Life

End of November 2022: Leaders Ignited!

Ignite your inner Leader, ignite your Life.


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